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My Reason to Write

There are a few kinds of atheists.
The one who doesn´t believe in God and the Devil.
There is the one who believes in God and not in the existence of the Devil; whom rebelled against God, and that God allows, to prove and prepare those that are his; that atheist doesn´t believe even in God, because the own Bible that speaks of God, speaks of the existence of the Devil.
Others say they believe in God and not in the Bible, this is the atheist without justification of the perfect creation, prefers to believe in a silent God. There is still the ignorant pagan, who changes the creator to believe and worship the creation (sun, moon, stars, fire, etc).
And there is the worst of all: the one that changes the creator to believe and worship an idol (the creation of the creator´s creature) and still profess the apostolic creed that says very clearly only in whom we should believe.
The abominable useless idols
Is there anything more abominable than what Catholicism did and does? Killed, burned the barbarian pagans, only because they worshiped the sun, the moon, the fire, the trees, etc. Who still have some use, since everything was created by the creator, for the wellbeing of men. Is like Jesus said to the sabbatarians Pharisees that Saturday was made for man´s wellbeing and not the men for Saturday.
Here in our state there are the ruins of São Miguel (of the Jesuit priests), is there for everyone to see a hollow saint figure.
To deceive the ignorant, Indians (natives) had to make an idol, which could fit a man inside, with hinges to move the arms and to speak so they could believe.
And now, after three centuries, what do we say of the wise, erudite and educated, who let themselves be deceived with the thousands of idols (of Mary and the saints), abominable gods, made by the filthy hands of men (the men who prostrates to a thing he created)