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The return of the Dragon
After Luther, the nations and kings who didn´t accept the Protestants were still subjected to the beast of Rome, but their delivery date to the dragon was at the end.
However in the middle of the persecution of the beast with inquisition.
 In France, with the French Revolution, the dragon, with great guile, started to conquer again the power and the glory of the kingdom, now not with persecution to Christians or any religion, but with the good protector of the oppressed and persecuted of the Beast.
The disguised dragon created his 10 horns underground in Freemasonry, (secret society preaching the enlightenment (philosophy of the lights), freedom, equality, democracy, philanthropy, all with the use of reason, all to break the faith in Christ) with its members (horns) infiltrating important jobs in every city in the world, to win the sympathy of all, started to
protect and free kings and people from oppression and persecution of the beast.
There were many wars and revolutions in the world.
An episode here in Brazil while the priest regent Feijó governed, as ruler of the whole nation (while Emperor D. Pedro II was underage (after the “Independence”)).
In 1835 broke up a revolution in our state, supported by Freemasonry and leaded by a freemason (rich farmer) Bento Gonçalves.
There were 10 years of fights and death, many people suffered and died without knowing why, others with a promise of the Republic and the freedom from monarchy, like the backs that stayed only with the promise of freedom from slavery (all turned into slaves, blacks and whites, who is free with those two animals? Is like escaping from the lion and fall into the claws of the tiger).
It was named as the War of the Rags;