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My Reason to Write

The people of Israel was saved from slavery of Egypt and every year those who where the people of God had do celebrate Easter with a lamb or a one year old goat (Exodus 12-9).
In Jerusalem, at the Temple, as confirmed in Deuteronomy 16. In Luke 2: 41
The Jews who didn’t accept Jesus as the son of God want to rebuild the temple that was destroyed along with Jerusalem in the year 70.
In the VII century a Muslim mosque was placed right where the temple was.
In the year 1948, returned to their land and are in possession of Jerusalem, but they can’t rebuild the Temple because of the mosque.
And then they fight for not understanding the prophecies of Daniel the prophet, that Jesus is the real Pascal Lamb, the one John the Baptist speaks twice - John 1 29 to 34:
29- (...) Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.
34- And I saw, and bare record that this

isthe Son of God.
That the night of the last supper with the Pascal Lamb, which He replaced by Christian supper, turns into the Pascal Lamb.
Paul confirms in 1st Cor. 5-
7- (...) for even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us:
The bread is the body: The body is the church, where He is the head and we are the members; the wine is the blood: is the new alliance like in Egypt, saved the people of God, also saves us from the slavery of sin and death.
Jesus speaks that He is the bread of life. John 6 48- 54- Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.
57- As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.
And is not only to take part of the supper, is to live for Him and follow his teachings and examples, turning into his lambs and sheep.