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This is the essence of Christianism, the real love for the neighbor. Example. Can there be love?
The Father living in abundance and the son in misery? When we were called to be Christian, not only one day a week, or to tithe, that was given every 3 years to the Levites, orphans, widows, foreigners, as in the Deuteronomic law: 14. 22 to 26 -different of today’s tithe, which is given every month to the Pastors, without biblical foundation.
Nobody is forced to be a servant, but, if he wants to be one, has to be unreservedly, (100% servant and not only 10%) servant of the Lord Jesus; of everything that we have and are. The servant doesn’t own anything, and doesn’t command himself, his only worry is to make the will of his Lord, every day and the whole day, only rests when he sleeps, and even then he’s on duty. In a Saturday Jesus said: My father works until now, so do I.
And to serve, and not to be served, is that richness, study, prosperity, are preached, based in tithe doctrine, wrongly from what’s in the Law, heresy that goes into Christianism with the Pentecostals and that Methodist is adopting, and even Catholics, because it benefits the one that receives and the one that gives.
Doctrine that undoes the Love for your neighbor , and the rest of Jesus teachings. A person can be rich and still wash his conscience in relation to poor brothers, because it the poor doesn’t pay tithe, they even cheer for the disgrace of the poor brother, and still say that God is punishing the brother, and snob prosperity – what great evil!
The Country of USA
Where the Churches were born as an institution: Methodist, BRevtist, Adventist, Assemblies of God, Foursquare (founded by a woman, that left the Methodist), Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Biblical Alliance and